RIL Labs is a company based in Sweden offering contract services in 3D CAD and parametric design using Rhinoceros 3D and Grasshopper, software design and business development.

News and Noted

RIL Partner - Now reseller of CAD Software Rhinoceros 3D

Sv: Jan 2021: RIL Partner är nu återförsäljare av 3D-CAD programmet Rhinoceros 3D. Uppgraderingskampanj för version 7 pågår, med nyheter som SubD fri-forms modellering som komplement till kraftfull NURBS modellering samt förbättrade Mesh-funktioner.

Eng: Jan 2021: RIL Partner is now reseller of the 3D-CAD software Rhinoceros 3D. Ongoing is an upgrade campaign to version 7 which new features such as free-form SubD modelling complementing powerful NURBS surface modelling and enhanced Mesh functionality.

SciPipe v0.9.13 (and v0.9.12) released

April 2021: Version v0.9.12 and v0.9.13 of our open source scientific workflow library, SciPipe was released, containing important bugfixes for stability and robustness of workflows. See the release notes for more info.